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The most beautiful region of France.

Warm colours, the Mediterranean sea, the majestic Pyrenees and unspoilt nature of Occitanie guarantee an absolute feeling of freedom.

The French call Occitanie the most beautiful region of France and it is.

The region, which consists of Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées, has it all:

  • The 200 km long coast not only has beaches, but also vineyards, nature reserves, fishing villages and rocky shores.
  • Impressive mountains, the Pyrenees, the Cevennes and Causses.
  • Authentic and charming villages with their typical French markets and bistros.
  • Beautiful, big cities Montpellier and Toulouse, where you can enjoy shopping and strolling.
  • A cultural heritage, many abbeys, medieval castles and Roman buildings have a place on the world heritage list.
  • When nature is so overwhelmingly beautiful. The rivers and caves are certainly worth a visit.

Occitanie on the map

Occitanie is the region in southern France that consists of Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées.

This area is the largest in France and is larger than the Netherlands and Belgium. The region includes Ariège, Aude, Haute Garonne and Hérault.

The capital of the region is Toulouse in Haute-Garonne.

The whole region is composed of different parts of former French provinces. 


The best thing about the Languedoc-Roussillon is that everything is within reach.
Add the sun, the wine, the hospitality and the delicious cuisine … and the good life in The South of France can begin.

Languedoc-Roussillon consists of the historic French provinces of Languedoc and Roussillon.
This includes the Rouergue and Albigeois regions, the Cévennes with the Cévennes National Park, the Causses, the Camargue, the Minervois and the Vallée du Rhône.

The place to be if you like variety: miles of sandy beaches, beautiful scenery, the impressive peaks of the Pyrenees and the Massif Central.

The different landscapes are characteristic of this region with many hours of sunshine.

In addition to the richness of nature – carefully protected in various nature parks and reservations – the region is dotted with beautiful historic cities and countless picturesque villages.

Explore the capital of the region, Montpellier – a modern city with a historic center, or visit the famous Nimes and Carcassonne.

The Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon regions have been merged into Occitania since 2016.

Stroll through narrow streets, enjoy the atmosphere on one of the many squares populated by locals or find a place on a sunny terrace and enjoy a glass of wine where this region – the most extensive wine region in the world – is known for.


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